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The Business Opportunity of a Lifetime!
7 Reasons Why I Joined DynaMAXX?

1.  The Products are In-Trend, Instant Gratification, and Work Great!
Simply, the products work as advertised.  The Lights On™ is a great all-natural alternative to today's Energy Drinks in a bottle or can.  I get the smooth energy with no jitters with extraordinary health benefits.  The Glucosamine HCL provides support for my joints and has restored my flexibility.  The Anti-Oxidants has simply made me feel better.  Everything I want in one drink. 

The Lights Off™ is unbelievable. I have never slept better and I wake up and feel refreshed.  I used to go to bed with my mind racing or I'd wake up in the middle of the night and start think about things, problems, etc., and never go back to sleep.  Lights Off™ relaxes me so I can fall asleep naturally.

2.  These Great Products Sell Themselves!
I am no salesman.  I never really liked forcing products on someone.  To be honest, these products are so good, my approach to sharing the products are to help them! Really!  Everyday, people always complain that they are tired, or they can't sleep.  I can't help but give them free.  People who try the come back amazed. They want to know where they can get the products. The testimonials are so uplifting, because these products change lives.

3.  The Products are also convenient.
Lights Off™ and Lights On™ are powdered drinks.  There is no bottle or water weight to ship or to carry.  The drinks come in canisters or single serving packets which makes it easy to take at home or on the road. 

4.  People are afraid of Multi Level Marketing, but my research indicated that MLM's is the Wave of the Future.
How many MLM's have you or people you have known been in?  With this economy corporate and government loyalty at an all time low, inflation, and our federal debt, who can trust whether Medicare and Social Security will be there for our retirement.  Brick and mortar businesses are on the decline.  DynaMAXX provided me the ability to start my own Home Based Business at a very low cost.  The opportunity to build a residual income every month to supplement my income fits nicely into my financial and retirement plan.
5.  When have you been able to enter a MLM company on the ground floor?
DynaMaxx is about 5 years old and debt free!  With other established MLM companies, the market is so saturated that it is impossible to make any substantial money.  DynaMAXX is so new, not everyone has heard of the products.  These products have not reached every city nor state or even country. The day that I signed up, I talked to the owner of the company on the phone.  How many MLM's have you or other people talk to the owner of the company.  I was asked one question... If you were in Amway or Mary Kay on the ground floor 20 years ago, where would you be today? I'm all in!!!

6.  The Compensation Plan is Fantastic!
DynaMAXX has 9+ different ways to be compensated.  The products are so good, you could simply retail them.  Set your customers on Auto Ship or sell them direct and earn commission after commission. There is a compensation bonus for signing other associates into DynaMaxx as well as a matching bonus on commissions if you qualify. In addition, my residual income I earn is willable to my heirs from day one.  I signed up as a corporation and I plan to turnover the company to my kids.  
7.  The DynaMaxx family is one Big Team!
Like other MLM's once your signed, your on your own.  To be honest, my upline is constantly helping me.  They help me meet with potential customers, teach me the best ways to explain the benefits of these products and simply, help me any way they can.  When I am successful, so are they.  I enjoy the team approach.  It is not just my upline that provides me assistance, but the Corporate Office as well.  The customer service is great, products are shipped accurately and on time, and there are many weekly conference calls to motivate you to succeed.  The service is great. 

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Dynamaxx Power of 2 is a financial analysis of the revenue potential scenario if each new Associate in the Binary signs 2 new Associates every month and each Associate signs up just for AutoShip.  This analysis does not include Bonuses and Commission of Personal, Business, Executive, or Launch packs Click the link below to review.   
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